Velox is a cross-platform Supreme bot. We support both Windows and Mac in Europe & United States. Our lightning fast request mode with a private anti-bot bypass will help you secure any items you want.
Simple Overview
Using Velox is as simple as possible. We have designed the interface to be simple and user-friendly. Our detailed guide will explain every step if you are not sure how to use the bot.
Private Pooky Bypass
We are one of the few Supreme bots on the market with a private Pooky bypass. Secure the most hyped products in seconds without being detected by Supreme's bot protection.
Two Modes
We offer both request and hybrid modes. When Supreme releases a Pooky update and most bots struggle, our hybrid mode comes in clutch. Maintain fast checkout speeds without worrying about Pooky.
Restock Mode
Even if something goes wrong, you do not have to give up. Our restock monitor will detect when a product restocks and purchase it without any need for your interference.